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Solutions in Aesthetics

Your beauty and care is our top priority!

I work independently and have a passion for perfecting beauty. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance and only top quality products are used at all times. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a clients self-esteem boosted.


Face & Body Treatments

We offer exclusive treatments that consist out of revolutionary technology, with lasting results!

@ R6,650 per session:
• Plasma Skin Tightening Rejuvenation
• Non-Surgical Procedure with NO RISK
• Plasma Treatment Without the Scalpel
• Recommended Sessions: 3 Sessions

@ R2,060 per session:
• Includes Micro Peel
• Promote Scar-less Healing
• Natural Collagen Reproduction
• Tighten, Lift & Rejuvenate the Skin
• Recommended Sessions: 6 Sessions

Price on request – Variety of Special Beauty Treatments