Wrinkle And Fine Line Reduction (Virtually Pain Free)

No need for surgery as this is the new facelift

The cosmetic Roll CIT has “micro –needles” that penetrates the top layer of the epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. Once this layer has been breached, the active ingredients in the skin care products can reach into depths of the skin 10,000 times more effectively than by simply applying them topically.

The treatment time ranges from 5 – 20 min depending on the speed, accuracy and density. It should be repeated at home between 2 – 7 times a week. The more frequent the treatment, the better the result. It is a cost-effective instrument that can last you several years.

Dry needling before and after 1 session

Dry needling before and after 1st session

dry needling around eyes and-mouth 1st session

Dry needling around eyes and mouth 1st session